The Sapinda Rainbow Foundation is a dream of its initiator Dirk van Daele, who attended the Clipper Race 2009-10 and saw first-hand how this experience could be used to promote leadership and life skills.



The Sapinda Rainbow Foundation was initiated by Dirk van Daele, who participated in the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race 2010-11 and who experienced first-hand how this unique experience could be used for underprivileged youths to promote leadership and life skills.


Officially registered as a charitable foundation on 5 June 2014 in Mauritius and operating in Sub-Saharan Africa, The Foundation’s work is based on three main pillars: the participation in the Clipper Race, the support of the selected youths in their individual development, and fundraising for third party charities.

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Mission & Vision

Our Mission

Our mission is to instil confidence and leadership skills in underprivileged African youths through their participation in the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race and by offering mentorship and study programs, with the aim to create future leaders who become catalysts for sustainable improvement in their local communities.

The Sapinda Rainbow Foundation invests 100% of its donations towards providing development opportunities to those less privileged in order to become healthy, responsible and employable individuals.

Our Vision

The Sapinda Rainbow Foundation envisions creating inspiring leaders and role models who, through their self-empowerment, bring change and positive social impact to Sub-Saharan African communities.


Our values


The work of The Sapinda Rainbow Foundation is based on six core values:


Confidence – To develop our Ambassadors’ self-confidence is one of The Foundation’s main missions. Equally important is instilling confidence and trust in all others who help them on their way to a new life. The Foundation firmly believes that this combined confidence is key to extraordinary and successful development paths.


Commitment – Together with our corporate partners, The Foundation is committed to fulfil our social responsibility, as much as our Ambassadors are committed to adhere to The Foundation’s values. This commitment provides a basis of trust between all stakeholders: The Foundation, the Ambassadors and their communities, and our corporate sponsors.


Authenticity – The Foundation actively seeks to maintain the authenticity of our Ambassadors, allowing them to stay true to themselves and optimise their unique potential to connect with others and find their development paths.


Respect – The Foundation respects each individual’s way of living and we expect our team of Ambassadors to be diverse and unique. We welcome their differences in background, expectations and expertise. The Foundation provides equal opportunities for all our beneficiaries, regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, religion, disability or sexual orientation.


Professionalism – Originally set up as a Corporate Social Responsibility programme by professionals from the financial industry, the Foundation’s management and governance is structured very similarly to a corporate business. This allows us to work efficiently and goal-oriented and ensures optimal use of funds. It also enables us to attract donors from the corporate world.


Sustainability – The Foundation takes a medium to long-term approach to all of the projects we initiate and support. Through our continuing support to the individuals under our mentorship, we aim to facilitate long-lasting and positive social impact to communities in Sub-Saharan Africa.

About us



The Sapinda Rainbow Foundation is a charitable non-profit organisation.


Driven by his personal conviction and as a sailor by heart, Dirk van Daele initiated The Foundation with the aim to turn underprivileged youths into leaders for their communities by exposing them to ocean racing during a global sailing adventure and in the process teaching them leadership and life skills.


The Sapinda Rainbow Foundation was established in 2014 under the Mauritius Foundations Act of 2012. Our core activities take place in the Representative Office in Pretoria, which is officially a branch and carries the status of Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) in South Africa.


Currently, our main operational activity is in South Africa but this may be expanded to additional Sub-Saharan countries in the future. This is the reason why The Foundation was founded under Mauritius law: as it is close to various African legal systems.


The Sapinda Rainbow Foundation is registered as Foundation No. FD 182 under section 24(1)(c) of the Foundations Act 2012 of the Republic of Mauritius, with registered office at Suite 510, 5th Floor Barkly Wharf, Le Caudan Waterfront, 11307 Port Louis, Mauritius, and approved by the South African Revenue Service as PBO with reference no. 930048862 and income tax reference no. 9142913194, located at Ground Floor, Pro Equity Court, 1250 Pretorius Street, Pretoria, Republic of South Africa.





The main Bodies as laid down in the Charter of The Foundation are the governing Council, the Advisory Committee and the Executive Committee. Sole decision power is given to the Council who can delegate this to the Executive Committee in particular instances. The Advisory Committee has a mere advisory function without any decision power, and is particularly focused on the mentoring programmes and CSR development of The Foundation.



About us

Faces behind the titles


Dirk van Daele

Chief Executive Officer

The Sapinda Rainbow Foundation is the brainchild of its CEO, Dirk van Daele, who saw first-hand during his own participation in the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race how sailing could be used to instil leadership and life skills in disadvantaged young people.

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Dr. Hugo Tempelman

Chief Country Officer

As Chief Country Officer, Dr. Hugo Tempelman is part of The Foundation’s Executive Committee and manages the local office in Pretoria.

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Ntombi Mahlaule

Social Projects Manager

Ntombi Mahlaule joined The Foundation in 2015 as Social Projects Manager and is responsible for the professional mentorship and coaching of the Sapinda Rainbow Ambassadors. She is based in the Pretoria office.

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Sir Robin Knox-Johnston

Sir Robin Knox-Johnston made history as the first person to circumnavigate the world by sailboat. He founded Clipper Ventures in 1995 together with CEO William Ward, to provide everyone with the opportunity to experience the challenge of ocean racing.

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Nonkululeko Nyembezi-Heita

Nonkululeko – or “Nku”, as she is known in her home country of South Africa – is a successful business executive who has been active in steel, telecommunications and finance.

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Tonye Patrick Cole

Tonye Cole is a co‐founder and executive director of the Sahara Group, an energy conglomerate that spans the entire energy chain in Nigeria to neighbouring West African countries and beyond.


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Allan Lamb

Allan Lamb was born in South Africa and is most known as a former England cricketer and captain who played for the first class teams of Western Province and Northamptonshire.

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Lebalang Molobele

Lebalang Molobele is one of the first Sapinda Rainbow Ambassadors and participated in the 2013-14 edition of the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race.


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Siphamandla Ngcobo

Siphamandla Ngcobo participated in the 2015-16 Clipper Race and sailed from New York to London, the Atlantic homecoming leg of the race.

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