Entrepreneurial Projects

Event Management and Rental Services

Lazaros Tshikovhi, born in 1990 in Vondwe in Thoyandou and still living there, also has entrepreneurial blood in his veins. With his strong faith in God and his mother as a preacher, he is well established within the Christian community of his home town and grew up with firm convictions. This helped him to apply for the Clipper Race and start a business afterwards. When coming back home after his sailing trip from Brisbane (Australia) to Qingdao (China) in 2013/14, he started a plan to create an event management company with the help of our Social Project Manager.


The first step was to incorporate and register his company before he could start receiving third party resources. In 2015 Lazaros founded his own company, the Latani Hirings and Services (PTY) LTD, and registered with the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC).


In cooperation with the NYDA (National Youth Development Agency), he produced a feasibility study including a business plan. This was then fine-tuned with the help of a chartered accountant. The next step was to check financial resources that might be made available through the Foundation, other donators or seed capital investors. He is currently working on the marketing to improve visibility of his services.


Lazaros is convinced about the need for festive hiring equipment in his area and sees a business opportunity to lend out the equipment: for private parties, but also for company events or conferences and local church celebrations. Alongside this core business of renting equipment, Lazaros would like to offer advice on how best to organise events and give occasional support for all stages of event organisation.

The Foundation is keen to see this first start-up become a success. It will be a great example of entrepreneurship – one of the key values of the Foundation – not just to other existing and new Ambassadors, but also within Lazaros’s community.