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Human Rights Development

Lebalang Molobele, born 1992 in Soweto, Johannesburg, is one of the front women of the Foundation. She was the first person in the history of the Foundation to lead the Pretorian representative office. She is a pioneer and as such embodies the core values of the Foundation in South Africa. As a natural progression to her crucial role within the Foundation, she was appointed Advisory Committee member in 2016.


Lebalang’s journey started with the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race in 2013-14; the final leg from New York to the home port in London, UK. With a BA in Public Management and Governance of the University of Johannesburg already in her pocket and having gained experience working at the women’s parliament of her university, she decided to devote her talents to the development of human rights in her country, and more particularly, to women’s rights.


Many of the women in South Africa are confronted with divorce or the disadvantages of polygynous marriages. In many cases, when the husband – who is the main bread earner – dies, he leaves behind wives, children or other relatives without a will, leaving them in poor financial conditions. Lebalang’s mission is to educate and improve the knowledge of women’s rights, especially in poor communities. In order to do this, she had to go back to University and study law.


In parallel to her job at the Sapinda Rainbow Foundation, she enrolled at UNISA, the University of South Africa, and started her studies in law. However, the heavy workload that came with being Head Representative, in combination with many travels around the globe, became too much. In order to concentrate on her studies, the Foundation gave Lebalang the flexibility to work part-time from July 2015 onwards.


During her time at the Foundation, Lebalang met Nonkululeku Nyembezi-Heita, who is Advisory Committee member of the Foundation and a leading business woman in South Africa. She supports Lebalang during her studies and we are proud that these two impressive women, who are from different generations, have found each other and pull together to allow a better future for other women.


Lebalang is currently no longer Head Representative, but remains in close contact with the Foundation and we are very honoured to have her on board as an Advisory Committee member.