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Library Project

Mency Madolo, born in 1994 in Mtubatuba KwaZulu-Natal, dreamed of establishing a library in the local school of Mtubatuba in order to enhance community literacy.


As one of the first-generation Sapinda Rainbow Ambassadors, Mency did leg 7 from Seattle through the Panama channel to the opposite coast of the US, to New York. Thankful of her chance to change her life around, she wanted to share this opportunity with her community. She addressed her whish to the Foundation and proposed to combine her personal passion – literature – with a clear aim to help her community.


Together with the Foundation she contacted the Dlilanga High School and the Department of Education (DoE) to find out more about the guidelines to establish a library and to ensure its sustainability. Mency signed up for a 12-month Learnership programme with the DoE beginning October 2015 with the aim to receive the official qualification of Library Assistant. Within this programme, it is a prerequisite to attend 5 days of contact classes per month outside Mtubatuba. All costs incurred by these attending these classes are covered by the DoE. By qualifying as a Library Assistant, Mency has access to bursaries available within the DoE that will help her complete additional studies to become a Librarian. Once all studies are successfully completed, Mency will be offered a job as Librarian by the DoE.


The Foundation agreed to help establish the library in Mtubatuba. To find out more about the project, read the following blog articles:


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We would of course welcome any additional support for this project and if you wish to contribute, please contact us via