Entrepreneurial projects

Rapper and entertainer

Mbongiseni Dludlu, born in 1991 in Dagakraal Mpumalanga, known also under his artist name “Hitman CEO”, is working on his career as a rapper. He regularly plays gigs near his home town and has already produced CDs at his own initiative and costs.


Mbongiseni is a real entertainer: When he did his leg from Cape Town to Albany, Australia during the Foundation’s first race in 2013/14, he impressed his fellow crew members by singing African folk songs so much that the whole crew joined in and swayed to the rhythms. The same happened at the Foundation’s fundraising party in Cape Town in 2015: with his groove and charisma, rapping the songs he wrote himself, he was able to capture the audience and show his potential as an artist.


With the help of the Foundation, he was invited to Muthaland/Ghetto Ruff, one of the biggest music production companies in South Africa. He performed together with other artists under the Muthaland label on the South African Heritage day and also at the Sapinda Rainbow fundraising party in October 2015. In cooperation with Muthaland and another production company lead by Jackie Nkosie (who is a well known musician in South Africa) Hitman CEO edited his singles and made radio formats for the songs.

He has now recorded his first professional mix tape that has been for sale in South Africa since June 2016. A single can be downloaded from Soundcloud:


The Foundation continues to help Mbongiseni with contacts, concepts and social media support. The combination of our mentoring and his own personal talents and drive will ensure the best way forward for his musical career.


If you want to stay updated on Mbongiseni’s progress, follow him on social media under HitmanCEOWorld.