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School Education

Both girls dream of becoming nurses. Nokulunga, called “Nikki”, was selected for the first Clipper Race the Foundation took part in and Zanele is part of the second generation of Sapinda Rainbow sailors. Together with Sbu, they form a team, attending classes at the same school and sharing an apartment in their new centre of living in Mpumalanga. We are confident that this group approach will motivate and encourage them to stay focused on their goals.


Nokulunga Nkwanyana, called “Nikki”, was born in 1993 in Mtubatuba, and has always dreamed of being a nurse. This dream was shattered by several rejected nursery applications and she lost confidence in her future.


After her participation in the Clipper race from Rio to Cape Town, the Foundation coached her and financed a two-week short course in HIV/AIDS Counselling at Indlelayempilo Training Centre. The purpose was to increase her chances of getting a job at the Africa Centre, which is an HIV/AIDS and African Medical Research Institution. Unfortunately she did not get hired.


From July until December 2015, Nikki was placed in a mentoring programme of KRCC (Kwazulu Regional Christian Council) in Eshowe. The purpose of this mentoring programme was to help Nikki find her path. During her placement, Nikki contributed positively to the organisation dealing with HIV/AIDS programmes and the community of Eshowe. She was able to think about what she really wanted to achieve and she found out that she would still love to study nursing and apply for another place. Several applications for 2016 courses were submitted with the help of the Foundation, but nursing schools refused to accept new students in 2016 due to a revision of curricula made by the Department of Education. The new curricular had to include higher requirements than before with regards to personal grades in physical sciences and maths. This turned out to be a challenge for both girls.


Consulted by the Foundation’s Social Project Manager, Nikki decided to start engineering classes that contain math and physical science, which are basic subjects also in nursing studies. It may sound strange for Nikki to be studying this, but there is a logic: she will get the missing qualification in the physical science and math, whilst attaining a grade in a profession instead of losing one year by waiting for another chance in nursing. She will also benefit from being in the group with Sbu and Zanele, which will help her to stay focused and motivated.


Nikki is attending level 2 to 4 for three years at Sibanesetfu Further Education and Training with the matric as a final degree by the end of 2018. After this she will study N4 to N6 for one year in trimesters at the same school in order to qualify for the College Diploma in Engineering. This will enable her to attend University classes in Engineering or Nursing studies requiring the physical science subjects.


So far, Nikki’s first results have already indicated that she is on the right track, and we look forward to seeing her continued progress.


Zanele Mweni was born in 1996 in Mtubatuba Kwazulu Natal. She is a member of the 2015/16 Clipper Race and sailed from London to Rio. She applied, together with Nikki, for Nursing studies at several colleges. In that respect she shares the same fate with Nikki.


Zanele was able to pass the matric level in math and physical science within one year because she had better results in previous exams. She attended N1-3 at Sibanesetfu Further Education and Training and got her matric in math and physical science as a final degree in 2017. She is now studying N4 to N6 at the same school in order to qualify for the College Diploma in Engineering that will enable her to attend University classes in Engineering or Nursing. Zanele is a star student and has managed to receive distinctions in certain courses. We are confident that she will successfully complete her studies.