Educational Projects

Yachtmaster certificate

Nqoba is a genuine pioneer of the values of the Sapinda Rainbow Foundation and a great example of self-empowerment.


He was one of the first Sapinda Rainbow Ambassadors to get selected from a group of eight brave youngsters to join the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race in the 2013/14 edition. Nobody knew at the time (not even himself!) that this sailing experience would strike such a chord and that Nqoba himself was a true diamond in the rough.


The first “cut” of the diamond was given during the most difficult leg in the race: the trip across the Pacific from Qingdao (China) to San Francisco (US). The final cut was made through the Foundation’s ongoing coaching and support during the months after his adventurous journey.


Nqoba Prosperity Mswazi, born in 1992 in Efloueni in Durban, passed the Yachtmaster Ocean Certificate of Competence for Sail, the Yachtmaster Offshore Certificate of Competence for Sail and the SRC, issued by the Royal Yachting Association, United Kingdom in 2015. The Foundation provided financial and mentoring support to allow him to pass these exams.

Nqoba enrolled in the theoretical and practical parts required for the final yachtmaster examinations at 2Oceans Maritime Academy in Cape Town, South Africa. This included training on the boat and sailing to Rio de Janeiro in order to obtain sufficient sea miles. In Rio, Nqoba had to leave the boat due to conflicts with another crew member. However, the miles he had already sailed during the Clipper Race, together with the one-way sail to Rio, were sufficient to reach the necessary total of sailed miles. Once back in South Africa, Nqoba was coached intensively by the Foundation and he was offered trainings to manage his temper. He attended personal life skills courses every two weeks.


On December 1st, 2015, Nqoba was offered a 12-month contract at 2Oceans Academy on the sailing vessel Howard Davis. He again made a journey to Rio, now as a crew member and not as a student. The increased responsibility combined with more mature self-reflexion allowed him to better deal with challenging or negative group dynamics. He was now able to stay calm in difficult situations and even act as a mediator – a personal development that is most impressive.


With mentors such as Sean Cumming (CEO 2Oceans), William Ward (Clipper), Charles Fenton (2Ocean’s Skipper), as well as Cpt Steve Bentley (Waterfront Cape Town) he can rely on the guidance of wise sailors. The Foundation coached Nqoba throughout his RYA exams and successfully introduced him to future mentors. Nqoba is now engaged by 2Oceans as a skipper and he regularly sails out. We remain in contact to this day and we will see to his continued personal development.